Timing Chain Replacement

Just like a timing belt, the timing chain on your BMW will occasionally need replacing.  Here at Van Der Veer we perform hundreds of 

timing chain replacements and are well placed to advise you. So if it is a routine change, or if you have experienced the dreaded chain rattle.....or even if you're unsure what to do, contact us now to discuss your options.

Major Engine Repairs

At some point in an engine's life, something is going to wear out or fail completely.  At Van Der Veer we are carefully stripping and rebuilding engines on a daily basis, so you can be assured that whatever is wrong with yours, we can repair it to the very highest standards.  From a failed head gasket to a major engine overhaul, we have the skills and experience to give your pride and joy a completely new lease of life. 

Fault Diagnosis

One of the most common statements we hear from customers is, "I wish I'd brought it to you first..!"  At Van Der Veer have a nationwide reputation for complicated fault diagnosis. BMW main dealers, car retailers and online customers from as far afield as Australia, Russia and the USA use our skills and experience to diagnose faults which others cannot get to the bottom of. Don't be fooled into spending £££'s anywhere else, let Van Der Veer get it right first time.